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I always wanted to read a book, I just finished reading my first Book.
Sasi Tharani

Sasi Tharani


Good book... The story is short hence will appeal new readers.. Looking forward for more such novel from Abhilash..n btw I still wonder why the book name is en route Goa.. As there is nothing Abt Goa in the book expect for the train reaching Goa I guess



Independent Artist

Truly intriguing & breath talking... Nice transition throughout,as the author takes the readers by their imagination for a thrilling ride indeed.. made me rediscover my long lost love for reading..
Good job Mr.Abhilash.. Congrats on your great first attempt..

Rose Ann

Rose Ann


The author has managed to include, all the emotions, a person goes through in his life....
love, hate, romance, fear, faith and.... then we reach our final destination.....Wages of sin is death....Go ahead !!! get this book !!!! This author wants to say something to you..

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